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  • Healthcare Associated Infections can break out wherever patient care is provided, from local clinics or long-term care facilities to outpatient centers or large city hospitals.
  • Regardless of the hospital size, Infection Control is essential in ensuring patients receive the care they require in a safe environment
  • Moraine Corporation is dedicated to providing Infection Control Solutions along with expertise, education and operational knowledge to assist in eliminating Healthcare Associated Infections.

Company Profile

  • Founded 12th May 1993
  • Tsuneki Kusaba - Founder, President and CEO.
  • 23 years experience within Infection Control industry.
  • Sales Volume : ¥2,200,000,000 (2017)
  • 50 employees
  • ¥12’000’000 in capital
  • A leading company of Consulting and Sale of products concerning Infection Control and the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections

Branch Locations


5-1-1 3F Unison Mall, Higashi-Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Head Quarters)

■ SAPPORO Branch :

6-2-24 Ymazaki No.2 Building 5F, Kita6jyounishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido

■ NAGOYA Branch :

3-8-10 ISH Marunouchi Building 7F, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya

■ OSAKA Branch :

1-10-17 Office Plaza Esaka, Esaka-cho, Suita City, Osaka

■ FUKUOKA Branch

5-10-24 Sancerre Kumi 1F, Mugino Kumi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

■ Laboratory & Logistic Center

Higashiogishima Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

moraine corp. branch locations map images
moraine corp. branch locations map images

Association Membership

  • International Committee of Infection Control Network Japan (Infection Control Nurses’ Association)
  • Japanese society for Infection Prevention and Control (JSIPC)Slate Program Committee
  • Healthcare Engineering Association
  • Japanese Association of Operative Medicine
  • Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
  • Infection Prevention society (IPS) UK.
  • The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) USA.
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Product Portfolio

supporting the chain of infection control (World leading brands);

We sort out only products that comply with domestic and foreign standards or/and guidelines.

Exclusive Distributor of (17);

UK - 7
Germany - 1
Italy - 2
Spain - 1
Sweden - 2
US - 3
Taiwan - 1

OEM Partners (6);

Chaina - 3 factories
Taiwan - 1 factory
Malaysia - 2 factories

Working with Global Partners

Working with Global Partners
The Chain of Infection Control

The Chain of Infection Control categorizes products based on their role in protecting against the spread of infections.
The emphasis lies in the importance of using a variety of methods combined to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Protective Wear:-
  • Provides protection for the wearer from contamination by splash or contact both to clothing, skin and eyes.
  • Provides protection for the patient from cross contamination via clothing or through contaminated hands.
  • Products: SMS Isolation Gown, HPC Roll Apron, HPC Plastic Gown, HPC Coverall, HPC Shoe Cover, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Aloe Latex Powder-free Gloves, Safety Eyewear, Face Shield, Dust Boxes (Clipper and Wally), Power Dispenser.
moraine corp. branch locations map images

Linen System

  • Laundry and Linen:-
  • Provides disinfection of contaminated linen and deactivates pathogens through the use of hot water (80 degrees celsius).
  • Water soluble bags provide protection from contaminated linen by reducing the risk of contact.
  • Products: Water Soluble Laundry Bags, Laundry Outer Bag, Laundry Cart, WIP2780 Washing Machine, Eco-mattress Cover. Water soluble bags provide protection from contaminated linen by reducing the risk of contact.
  • Mattress cover allows for easy transportation, cleaning and disinfecting, protecting patients from cross contamination.
Linen System

Cleansing System

  • Cleansing and Disinfecting:-
  • Provides decontamination and disinfection through hot water treatment.
  • Provides reliable removal of contaminants.
  • Enables safe and contaminant free storage of equipment.
  • Products: Table-top Washer, Safe Tray, Rack System for Surgical Instruments, Ultra-sonic Cleaning Systems, Bore Cleaner Series, Bedpan Washers.
Cleansing System

Cleansing System

  • Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting:-
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination with contaminated devices.
  • Plays a role in enabling healthcare workers to provide effective treatment and care by reducing risk of HAIs
  • Provides superior cleaning quality in combination with our Training package, which includes UV Torch Kit.
  • Products: Universal Sanitising wipes, Sporicidal wipes, Training Package (UV Torch Kit).
Linen System

Cleansing System

  • Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting:-
  • Provides superior cleaning quality in combination with Clinell wipes.
  • Helps quick but thorough terminal cleaning.
  • Easy and intuitive operating system enables healthcare workers to operate.
  • Easy verification of a specific germicidal UV-C dose received on a target surface.
  • Products: UV-360 room sanitizer, UV Dose Verify card.
Linen System

Screen System

  • Aerosol Containment and Privacy:-
  • Provides an effective alternative for the conventional curtain system.
  • Provides reliable functionality in Scandinavian modern design.
  • Enables easy and daily cleaning with wipes.
  • Products: Folding screen (up to 3.75m) and Fixed screen with wall mounting, pole mounting or independent trolley option. Bedend screen.
Linen System

Airborne Control

  • Masks and Respirators:-
  • Main goal of masks and respirators is to reduce the risk of respiratory infection for the patient.
  • Provides protection for the patient against pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Blocks out the air pollution for the wearer.
  • A respirator enhances the degree of adhesion to the face, increasing the protection.
Linen System

Airborne Control

  • ECU2 Containment Solutions:-
  • Collapsible and portable containment solutions for temporary isolation.
  • Enables the creation of an anteroom, air lock or protective staging area to safeguard larger areas.
Linen System

Puncture Prevention

  • Needle-stick Injury Prevention:-
  • For healthcare workers one of the biggest risks is exposure to contaminants through needle-stick injuries.
  • Provides protection for healthcare workers from any needle-stick injuries through built in safety precautions for disposal. In addition prevents leakages and further contamination after use.
  • Conforms to all International Safety Standard legislation and the Transport of Infected Waste Standards.
Linen System

Hand Washing

  • Hand Hygiene Testing:-
  • Contaminated hands pose a threat to both patients and healthcare workers. Therefore hand washing in infection control is vital to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections.
  • This hand washing system, using an ultra-violet lamp and fluorescent lotion allows for the accurate testing of hand-washing in infection control.
  • This system plays an important role in the education of healthcare workers regarding the level of hand washing required to remove all contaminants and potential threats to both themselves and patients.
Linen System


  • Education is one of the most important roles concerning Infection Control.
  • In order for healthcare workers to practice safe and reliable measures of Infection Control within hospitals and surgeries, it is imperative there is a high level of understanding of the importance of Infection Control as well as how to implement the correct methods.
  • Moraine Corporation conducts seminars and education exhibitions throughout Japan, including demonstrations of products to ensure the Infection Control equipment is used correctly and safely.

Why Moraine?

  • Moraine Corporation was founded on a fundamental level of trust and each day we strive to maintain this value in all that we do.
  • We have over 23 years experience within the Infection Control Industry and every day aim to sell products and knowledge that will save the lives of those at risk from Healthcare Associated Infections.
  • As a leading and successful company in the Infection Control Industry, we have the ability, knowledge and expertise to deliver reliable Infection Control products of the highest quality.
  • But Moraine Corporation does not just strive to sell products: Through the use of our products, combined with our expertise and operational experience, we aim to create a safe environment for healthcare workers and patients. An environment where those working, those receiving treatment and those recovering have the protection they deserve.

Moraine Corporation is not just a trading company.
In addition to products, it provides Education and Consultation services to reduce the risk of
Healthcare Associated Infections and increase the safety of patients and healthcare workers wherever possible.